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“We Want To See Each Other Grow”: Meet The Womxn Driving Local Scenes Forward

If you shift the spotlight away from capital cities and shine a light on quieter places, you’ll often discover the loudest of minds that are ready to make waves. Driven by passion for their art and their community, it’s time to celebrate these unsung heroes who are playing an integral role in leading their local scene forward – claiming their space while opening up incredible opportunities for others. 
Each one has a story to tell and we’ve partnered with Reebok to share it with you. Meet Geaola aka Princess Trium, who is advocating for safe spaces for womxn in the music industry, and Ashley, who is using the power of dance to educate her hometown of Hamburg on hip hop culture. Finally, we have Naë, a musician from Bordeaux using her talents to support those affected by breast cancer. 

"Music heals. For me, it’s a natural remedy for my frustrations, pains, sufferings, and traumas." – Naë

"I talk about self-esteem in my lyrics, about believing in your dreams and ambitions as a woman, asserting yourself, not being afraid to exist, and fully accepting who you are." – Naë

"School was really hard for me because I felt like I wasn’t good at anything. But then I discovered hip hop – I felt welcome, seen and good." – Ashley

"It’s important to teach the history of hip hop culture through battles. Without such events, the culture would get lost." – Ashley

"We female and non-binary people need to support each other more in the industry, we can’t only think about ourselves because if we go out together, we’ll be more than powerful." – Geaola

"What I really love about Nottingham is that everybody is there to support you – that support you get from a smaller place – that’s hard to come by in bigger cities." – Geaola


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