5 Tips For Happy Travelling With A Friend

Winter is the perfect time to pull yourself out of the pits of misery by booking a holiday to somewhere remote and tropical with one of your friends. However, don't let your desperation to get out of the UK's hideous microclimate force you into a hasty (and regrettable) decision — especially when it comes to choosing your travel buddy. Even if you book the trip of a lifetime, the wrong companion can make it miserable.

Of course, you can't always travel with the perfect person. Mostly because there's no such thing. But there are just some people who are great in small doses and not so great 24/7. As a music reporter and host/producer of a travel show, I’ve spent more than 10 years travelling the world with a wide variety of friends and colleagues — with the best and worst personalities — and it's taught me a lot about what makes a good travel buddy.

Read on for five essential tips that will help you choose the right person to accompany you on your next adventure. After all, the shared experience of travelling with a friend should make your friendship stronger, not over.

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