This Dating App Wants To Find You A Wedding Plus One

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By now, we know that not everyone uses dating apps to find their soulmate. Some people swipe to find new friends, potentially even a best friend, especially if they've just moved to a new city.
But – and it's quite a big but – would you use a dating app to find a plus one for a wedding? The folks at Tinder evidently think that some people might, because they've just introduced a new function for this very purpose.
From this week, users can join the Plus One hub in Tinder's Explore section to indicate to fellow members that they're looking to find a date for an upcoming ceremony.
"We know many of our members are looking for a Plus One for their next wedding and we’re excited to now give them a way to do exactly that on Tinder," said Tinder's VP of Product Innovation, Kyle Miller.
Clearly, the idea of taking a total stranger to a friend's wedding is kind of ridiculous. However, if you've got loads of weddings coming up and no one to go with, it could make sense to build a friendship with someone who would make a fun and well mannered plus one.
Tinder says that it's seen a 45% increase in people mentioning “plus one” in their bios since the start of the year, which suggests it's an issue playing on people's minds. And that's understandable given that bringing a painfully dull or rude plus one is a definite wedding faux pas.
And according to a recent survey, over 60% of people are more likely to accept a wedding invitation if they can bring a plus one. Meanwhile, 32% of people say they're more likely to bring a plus one to a large wedding, while 21% are more likely to bring one to a wedding with an open bar.
So who knows? Even if your soulmate isn't on Tinder, your perfect wedding companion could be.

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