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TikTok’s Twisted Ponytail Hack Gave Me A Cute Summer Updo In Seconds

Welcome to Beauty In A Tik, where each week we put TikTok's viral beauty hacks and innovative trends to the test.
TikTok's beauty tutorials are nothing short of game-changing. This month, the frozen cucumber trick is replacing everyone's jade roller and thanks to the app's expert stylists, we've discovered some genius anti-frizz hacks. But for late summer, it's all about low-maintenance hairdos.
You've probably spotted the one-minute messy bun hack and noticed the app's obsession with claw clips. Now, the style of choice among the app's self-taught hairstylists is a quick and easy ponytail — namely the twisted ponytail or ponytail loop.

What is TikTok's twisted ponytail hack and how do you do it?

Not to be confused with the volumising ponytail tutorial and the ponytail trick that makes your hair appear twice as long (both brilliant in their own right), the 'twisted ponytail' or 'ponytail loop' hack has gone viral for turning a simple ponytail into an Instagram-worthy one, and you don't have to be a pro to master it. The trend consists of fashioning your hair into a low ponytail and using your fingers to hollow out a section at the base, just above the hair tie.
The next step is easy: just loop your lengths through the space and give the ends a little tug to secure the style. What you get is a pretty, twisted ponytail which looks like a lot more effort than you just put in. You can accessorise with clips or a silk scrunchie, or leave it as it is.
Lots of TikTokers are giving the style a go right now, including @willowgait_x and @juneanne.xo, who've gone viral for their videos. Both have relatively long lengths but the trick also works on medium and shorter cuts and can be adapted to suit the thickness of your hair.

Does TikTok's twisted ponytail hack actually work?

I'm sceptical of most of TikTok's hair hacks. They tend to look too easy to be true — and often are. Take the beachy waves hack, for example. Supposedly plaiting your hair and passing straighteners over the braids is said to give you flowing, mermaid-esque waves but it left my lengths limp and frazzled. Having been disappointed before, I tried this one off-camera first and was surprised by how easy it was to achieve in just a few seconds, not to mention how cute it looked from behind! The loop creates a twisted effect at the base of the ponytail, which makes it appear more intricate than it actually is.
If your hair is long, curly or on the very thick side like mine, you could secure a hair tie at the end of the ponytail to make it easier to pass through the space you've created. Otherwise it could be a handful. Slippery, just-washed hair might make it a little difficult, too, so you might want to enlist a couple of hair products to prep your lengths first. Try Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer, £22, which provides grip for styles like this one without making hair feel heavy or tacky. My hair has a mind of its own but the elegant style didn't unravel or move an inch thanks to a veil of Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray, £23. The twist is cute enough but you could accessorise with hair slides and clips if you want to take the look to the next level.
If you're looking for a delicate summer updo that takes the chore out of styling and takes mere moments to achieve, this is it. It's perfect for a late summer wedding or any other occasion, really — even Zoom calls, where it's become my speedy signature style.
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