Crystal Face Rollers: The Skin Benefits Of Jade, Amethyst & Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz, amethyst, jade... It's official: we're a nation obsessed with all things crystals. Some experts claim that crystals can help in finding love, encourage us to ditch bad habits and even attract a better fortune, but while many of us keep crystals on our desks, windowsills and shelves for decoration, lots more of us are finding ways of incorporating them into our skincare routines.
On Instagram, the hashtag #jaderoller serves up over 17k posts as influencers, beauty brands and skincare obsessives alike use them to make their shelfies prettier, but it isn't all about good looks. Crystal healer and psychic Kim Alexis suggests that crystals – in the form of face rollers – are becoming more and more popular because of our desire to go back to basics in skincare. "It makes sense for the beauty industry to incorporate the natural, organic feeling of crystals into their products and skincare routines as more consumers are shying away from things like chemicals in the products and techniques they use. As well as this, many crystals hold an energy healing vibration which can relax, soothe, uplift and rejuvenate."
Nausheen Qureshi, biochemist founder of skincare brand Elequra, thinks manual tools made from crystals like rose quartz are more beneficial for the skin than electronic alternatives, which can often be costly. "Used daily as part of a regular skincare regime, I believe crystals like rose quartz are more effective," Nausheen – who recommends Elequra's Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool, £33 – tells R29. Kim elaborates: "Crystal face rollers made from these stones are useful to help the ingredients of creams and moisturisers to be absorbed into the face and neck," she says, and if you think about it, a lot of product goes to waste on our hands.
As well as channelling products into the skin more efficiently, whole body facialist Fiona Harlowe says that crystal face rollers are brilliant at facial massage. "They are super simple to use and have an immediate impact on the fluid tissues of the face, including blood and lymph. By rolling them across your cheeks, chin and forehead, you'll slowly open up pathways, and improve lymphatic flow, which reduces puffiness and inflammation. The best way to use a crystal facial roller is always at room temperature – there's no need to cool it as it will already feel cool to the skin. Using light pressure, always start on the décolleté and neck as this opens up pathways and creates flow for effective drainage. Simply glide your chosen crystal roller from the centre of the face out to the side and down the neck. Work all the way up the neck and face and then back down and return to areas where there is any superficial facial tension, such as the jaw."
Crystal face rollers sound pretty promising, but do they live up to the hype? R29's beauty editor put three to the test over the course of a week – here's the verdict.
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