The Healing Power of Crystals – Fact or Fallacy?

Photographed by Luke & Nik
Rose quartz on your desk, amethyst by your bed and tourmaline round your neck. If this doesn’t sound like you then chances are it sums up someone in your circle. Crystals aren’t just having a moment, they’ve arrived with a meteoric bang. Signs of ownership include talking about the procurement of crystals as if you were buying a pint of (organic almond) milk and advising others to ‘charge’ crystals overnight as if they were a mobile phone. Some even deem theirs as critical to everyday survival, arguing that they serve as a tuning fork for reaching a higher state of being. Interestingly, these new age fans are a far cry from the stereotypical hippy that was once associated with crystal healing. "We have such cross section of customers now. Men and women from different ethnicities, young girls to older women, bankers, celebrities, dancers and even Russian oligarchs. Few fit into the hippie stereotype," explains Gabrielle Seymour from Buddha on a Bicycle. They have seen an exponential increase in the sales of crystals over the last year, so much so that they’ve had to increase the amount, size and quality to meet demand. Buddha on a Bicycle isn’t alone. "Crystals on Etsy have been a mounting trend over the past ten years," reveals Etsy Merchandiser Emily Bidwell. First we saw the emergence of druzy jewellery in 2007, this gave way to quartz rock crystals, pendants, and geode and crystal motifs used in art prints, tea towels, cards, and coasters’.
Photographed by Luke & Nik
Rose Quartz (left) opens the heart to love - love of self, love of family, love of friends, romantic love.
Amethyst (right) is a calming stone which helps to provide balance, patience, and peace.
With no new scientific research backing crystals and doctors still suggesting that any benefits are imaginary, why is the trend mounting? The rise of the spiritual and wellness movement with its newfound accessibility plays a huge role believes Laurey Simmons, founder of crystal boutique The Colourful Dot "people are becoming more interested in re-connecting to mother earth and all her wisdom. The use of crystals was common in many ancient cultures. So what we’re seeing is simply a return to knowledge that’s been lost or hidden." The power of ‘celebrity’ and their ability to elevate a trend is a huge part of our culture and the likes of Madonna and Victoria Beckham have bought credibility to the crystal movement. Boy George was seen parading his on the latest episode of The Voice in a bid to find a popstar while Sam Smith instagrammed his latest collection. His post now joins the other two million hashtagged crystal images that have come to represent the millennial’s new religion.

Last year I placed a new health crystal on my desk and within a month myself, my co-director, our fashion director and a friend who regularly visited the office all fell pregnant.

Sally-Anne Stevens, PR Director
Disillusion of traditional medicine coupled with health scares surrounding our digital addition has also been attributed to the popularity of crystals. "We sell lots of black tourmaline which is powerfully protective against dirty energy from mobile phones and computers," explains Gabrielle. London PR Director Sally-Anne Stevens counteracts the stress of running a fast-paced agency by meditating with crystals. "It helps my focus, I keep quartz on my desk as it helps harness positivity among the team. Our office is open plan with various large geodes in key areas, which I firmly believe keeps the positive energy flow circulating. Last year I placed a new health crystal on my desk and within a month myself, my co-director, our fashion director and a friend who regularly visited the office all fell pregnant. I later discovered the crystal is a fertility rock."
Photographed by Luke & Nik
Citrine (left) is a joyful stone which has energies of good fortune and good luck, commonly referred to as the u201cSuccess Stoneu201d.
Bornite (right), also known as Peacock Ore and is used to protect from negativity and remove blocks that prevent reaching goals.
Others believe that crystals hold the power to ensnare a lover. “I don’t stay single for long, I carry a lot of rose quartz, which attracts the male," proclaimed Katy Perry in an interview with Cosmo. If that fails or you’re looking for quicker results there is even the option to try out a 'chakrub'– a crystal sex toy in case you’re not au fait. Whether these will become a regular feature in Ann Summers remains to be seen. The beauty industry however, is well and truly on board: "There is a shift in the way the beauty industry is working. Enhancing the look and feel of your skin becomes a deeper experience when it’s uplifts your mood and state of mind," says Prismologie co-founder Fatima Alsabah. Their products are said to channel the “energies” of the stones, as well as providing the conventional benefits such as exfoliation and shimmer. Sjal's latest offering marries sapphire with biotechnology to stimulate cellular renewal while Starskin have combined the fast acting design of a sheet mask with diamond, tourmaline and emerald to brighten and illuminate. French brand Gemology is also shining bright in the UK. Their face and body offering, which is hugely popular amongst French celebrities, has undergone three years of research and includes a combination of 18 precious stones.

When you feel the connection to a stone in your goes out the window and the magic of intuition opens up a world of healing potential.

Xochi Balfour author of The Naturalista
“Most previous incarnations of gemstones used in beauty have tended towards the spiritual, but in this instance I think the approach is modern and technical,” says beauty retailer and editor Anna-Marie Solowij. Urban Outfitters are also extending their crystal beauty offering for SS16 yet are sticking to their roots. "Our buy has been heavily inspired by the West Coast and their holistic lifestyle. They seem to have a stronger vibe and sense of spirituality than anywhere else," explains beauty buyer Nina. Magic or make-believe, the powers that crystals hold is still as misty as the piece of rose quartz we’re all rushing out to buy. But for some, that doesn’t matter. "No one knows for sure how crystals heal us," reveals Xochi Balfour author of The Naturalista. "But when you feel the connection to a stone in your hand, and some sort of energy building there, science goes out the window and the magic of intuition opens up a world of healing potential". With thanks to The Astrology Shop.

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