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Tattoos tend to be unique to the people getting them, but even the most creative minds have mood — and Instagram — boards filled with inspiration. Whether you love colourful, splashy designs or are more into minimal, dotted lines, there's nothing wrong with having a wandering eye for tattoos. The more you check out, the more ideas you'll get, the better your creation will come out.
Of course, this isn't to say you or your artist will, or should, plagiarise others' work. However, we do suggest you take a little time, peruse some Instagram feeds, and travel around the internet for a bit before you make your final decision. After all, there are endless styles to see and tons of questions to answer. Do you want script or a floral design? Black or painted colours? Realistic shadows or heavy-handed lines? Either way, we have the best artists to check out before you make your parlour appointment, ahead.
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The Artist To Follow: @bluestonebabe

What To Expect: Hand-poked tattoos with intricate details and plenty of minimalist designs

Rosa Bluestone Perr, a Brooklyn-based tattoo artist, specialises in dainty, hand-poked tattoos. If you like delicate floral motifs, whimsical animal designs, or dainty script — this is your girl.
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But you won't just find teeny-tiny tattoos on Perr's feed. Her clean, minimalist style also translates to larger pieces like this one.
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✨⚡️ #west4tattoo #santanatattoo

A post shared by Michelle Santana (@mnsantanatattoo) on

The Artist To Follow: @mnsantanatattoo

What To Expect: Black and grey, fine-line tattoos

Minimalism is dominating mainstream tattoo designs these days, but the art you'll discover on Santana's page is nothing like what you'll find on Pinterest. Her art can be smaller than the tip of your finger, but the details are infinitely better than some larger tattoos we've seen elsewhere.
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#west4tattoo #santanatattoo

A post shared by Michelle Santana (@mnsantanatattoo) on

Despite the fact that the tattoo world is primarily male dominated, female artists like Santana are taking over the world of line work and Insta-worthy art.
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Feminism ✊🏼

A post shared by Zihee_tattoo (@zihee_tattoo) on

The Artist To Follow: @zihee_tattoo

What To Expect: Watercolour designs with bursts of bright colours

It's the shop behind the industry's latest trend, helix tattoos, but there is so much more to this portfolio. In true Zihee form, the artists almost always use a rainbow spectrum of colours that makes the art pop.
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A post shared by Zihee_tattoo (@zihee_tattoo) on

You can also expect florals, florals, and more florals on this page. Craving an eternal reminder of spring? Zihee is the spot to look for inspiration.
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The Artist To Follow: @curtmontgomerytattoos

What To Expect: Heavy-handed lines, the basic bones of a shape or design

Curt Montgomery is no stranger to art that pushes the envelope, making his feed the perfect place to find unique inspiration. Think: Two mouths kissing or a cat pawing at the moon. These are just a few of the non-traditional concepts featured on the artist's feed, but each one is far from cheesy or cartoonish.
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Cool snake for a really cool Lindsay. Thanks so much doll, very happy we got to meet 💫

A post shared by Tea (@tealeigh) on

The Artist To Follow: @tealeigh

What To Expect: Stick-and-poke tattoos that don't look DIY

While a lot people have opinions about the stick-and-poke method, there's no reason to count it out before pulling some inspo. When done by an experienced pro in a professional environment, the dainty art is a great way to wear just about every image, from hands to plants to animals.
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Healed rose on Rockie :) Thanks for the photo!

A post shared by Tea (@tealeigh) on

No, stick-and-pokes aren't always minimalist designs. With Tea, you're more than welcome to go big or go home with your art and imagination.
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💤 . #soltattoo#솔타투

A post shared by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

The Artist To Follow: @soltattoo

What To Expect: Intricate details and dainty ink of almost anything

We've never seen a tattoo artist make a puppy tattoo seem so appealing. Instead of leaning on the side of a caricature, every single example of work from this Seoul-based shop is worthy of being framed and put on the wall.
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Waves on a scar 🏄 . #soltattoo#솔타투

A post shared by Sol Art (@soltattoo) on

These dainty pieces are loaded with vibrant colour and fine lines that fall somewhere on the spectrum of minimal watercolour and realism — just on a much smaller scale.
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I need my space @pigmentninja

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The Artist To Follow:

What To Expect: Mystical designs, warm colours, and detailed line work

This Istanbul-based studio is all about out-of-this-world art. Think: stargazers, space stations, and everything beyond the skyline. Even better, the feed offers up designs that mix black line work and colourful fill-ins.
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The little prince by @mentat_gamze

A post shared by on

Let your imagination run free with when viewing this feed, it'll help you decide if you're ready for something from the heavens.

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