Our Honest Thoughts On SKIMS’ New Swimwear

Photo Courtesy of Ebony-Renee Baker
The brand we love to hate (but love nonetheless) is back with a swimwear drop that's caused even non-Kardashian stans to turn heads. This week, Kim Kardashian released her third SKIMS Swim collection featuring a range of bikinis and swimsuits, as well as shorts, skirts and tops – yes, we're talking full clothing for all your waterproof needs. It sounds wildly unnecessary but as we all aim to get more use out of our wardrobes, this collection offers up tons of pieces that can be worn poolside and bar-side in equal measure.
In anticipation of the new drop, there's been lots of SKIMS talk (SKIMSTok?) over on our favourite video sharing app. From observations about the new campaign (which features Paris Jackson, Bella Poarch and Madison Bailey) to the sheer confusion regarding SKIMS Swim gloves, TikTok creators have built up a lot of hype around the collection.
Considering SKIMS' previous Swim collections have sold out in mere minutes, we knew we had to give it a go when the brand's PR team reached out offering us a few sets – for the people, of course. So here's what four R29 staffers had to say about the swimwear you're about to see all over your social feeds this August (on those quick enough to nab a set, at least).

Natasha Slee, Senior Creative

"I signed up to this as a total SKIMS newbie with no expectations. I’m 5’11” and slim with a long torso so swimwear can be tricky. I’ve never found a swimsuit that doesn’t cut me in half (most of the time I can barely stretch the straps over my shoulders) and even bikini tops sometimes don’t sit right on my longer torso and chest.
When the SKIMS set arrived, I instantly loved the colour: a rich almond that felt chic (fussy swimwear is not my vibe). I received the triangle bikini top, tie bottoms and mid-waist shorts. I’m a grandma who’s only just had the confidence to wear a string bikini in the last couple of years – and this one is definitely on the itsy-bitsy side – but by this point it was too late to go back. My ass was going on the internet.
I wear a size 8 on top and a size 8-10 on bottoms. The swimwear all arrived in a size S and overall fit me well. I’m a 34B bra and though I felt supported and covered up enough by the triangle bikini top, I would definitely size up if you’re slim with bigger boobs. The tie bottoms are very low-cut in front and the butt coverage is scant. I prefer a bigger bikini brief over my bum so I’m not constantly pulling it out, but that’s personal preference.
I always feel like the odd one out wearing a bikini to do lengths in a pool (having never found an appropriate swimsuit that fits) so the mid-waist shorts feel like a good solution for that situation. This size S pair fit comfortably around my waist and thighs but a vertical crotch seam always makes me nervous – particularly as, unlike gym shorts, I’m not wearing any pants underneath these. The gusset itself doesn’t have a vertical seam but still, the camel toe risk is there if that’s something that bothers you.
For a brand like SKIMS, I feel these pieces are priced well – I had expected them to be more expensive because of the hype. The fabric feels luxe and good quality, and I was pleased to see they contain a high percentage of recycled material."

Ebony-Renee Baker, Fashion Editor

"This was my first foray into any sort of SKIMS clothing and – being a curvier gal with boobs and a butt not unlike the ones the Kar-Jenners (at one point) moulded their own features from – I had an inkling that the cut of the set would be somewhat beneficial to my figure. And I was right. Having received a plunge bikini top, mid-waist cheeky bottoms and, yes, a long-sleeve top, all in a size large, I was a bit unnerved when I unboxed them and saw that they did not look large. As someone with E-cup boobs and a 36 band size, I was also stressed that the bikini top didn’t even have an adjustable back closure. 
But once I slipped into the set, which is buttery as hell, I was sold. The top’s thicker straps are a game-changer for my bigger breasts and because it does run quite small, it does a great job of pushing 'em up and out. I also really loved the high-waisted cheeky bottoms as they are the exact shape of bikini bottoms I’d normally pick out. If it's not obvious, this set is not for someone who prefers modesty.
However, let’s talk about the top. While it's a great option for a bit more coverage, it’s the same material as the bikini, which renders it quite thick on the skin, especially in summer heat. Considering I tried the set on in 30-degree heat, you can imagine how uncomfy it was and I immediately peeled it off after taking these pics. Even though I imagine it would be a lot more comfortable for swimming, and despite feeling a little like a Blue Crush Kate Bosworth, I’m gonna give the swim top a pass.
Otherwise, I would recommend nabbing a SKIMS swim set if you can afford it and want something that will be super comfortable and flattering. Price-wise, I mean, it’s SKIMS…so you know what you’re getting into here."

Maybelle Morgan, Entertainment Editor

"Generally speaking, I like my swimwear teeny tiny, for optimum tanning and minimal shame. I’ve got an up-and-down figure with small boobs and bum so I find smaller shapes give me the illusion of a few more curves. I had seen tons of SKIMS Swimwear reviews on TikTok, with women of all shapes and sizes looking heavenly in them, so was secretly overjoyed when I was asked to try the range. I would never, ever wear a T-shirt bikini top for the aforementioned tan-prevention reasons but was intrigued by the three-piece set, comprising a cutesy crop tee, square-neck bikini top and super high-waist, thigh-skimming bikini bottoms.
I love the gorge, neutral tan-mustard shade but in a little stroke of coincidence it basically colour-matched my skin – something I realised when my boyfriend commented: 'It looks like you’re wearing nothing.' First thing I noticed: I loved how comfy they were, like I could literally sit in them all day. I opted for size S all round and for the most part they fit in the most flattering way possible. The bottoms did bunch on the bum a little but I imagine this is bound to happen when the pants are so high-waisted.
The T-shirt was cute but a little snug in my armpits and across my chest – I’m not going to lie, I doubt it would be particularly comfortable in the water so I would probably avoid. Price-wise, it’s more than I would usually spend on swimwear but the quality feels great so I think it would be justified. For the most part I am pleasantly surprised and will be packing the bikini set on my next hot hols."

Vicky Spratt, Features Editor

"I am a short (5'1) curvy gal with a small frame and big boobs (32DD) and a butt. So historically swimwear has been a bit of a challenge for me. Straps on tops are too long, boob coverage is often too small or flimsy and bottoms are never quite the right size. I have become something of a SKIMS devotee since the underwear launched and now my go-to bra is actually from the brand.
This bikini top is, happily, the same shape and style as that bra so it feels supportive but not restrictive. The bottoms are high-cut, which elongates my legs, and the high waist suits my shape. In this bikini I feel comfortable and, crucially, confident, which is something I can’t always say of swimwear. I could happily hike across a Greek island in this bikini without worrying about a nip slip before jumping in the sea and then popping the skirt on to sit at a beach bar and drink a glass of rosé while inhaling some fried saganaki and drying off.
The price point for SKIMS Swim is reasonable, too. Overall, I’m going to give Ms Kardashian and her team 10/10 here."

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