Spring Shoes For Every Occasion

I probably shouldn't confess this as a fashion editor and someone who is genuinely enthralled by design and clothing but I could quite happily wear black jeans and a T-shirt every day for the rest of my life. But shoes? Shoes change everything. A casual uniform of denim and a tee can be instantly transformed with the right footwear. You can feel powerful and confident in heels, relaxed but quietly assured in a pair of plimsolls and sexy and self-possessed in sandals. Shoes have the power to elevate your ensemble, mood (and height, natch.) You can make a bold statement with your footwear and affect the way people perceive you with a choice pair of heels.
This season the focus is on the humble mule and the androgynous loafer. We've rounded up some of the best come-at-me-spring shoe options that'll ensure you're well heeled for any occasion. Time to put your best foot forward.