I’ve Spent £50,000 On Shoes — & I Don’t Regret It

Photo: Courtesy of Melissa Saputra.
Some people collect stamps. Others collect art. A select few, however, collect shoes — lots of them.
Blame Sex and the City, but it's safe to say that shoe wardrobes worthy of the Kardashians are now considered a staple of aspirational living, alongside Champagne bubble baths and weekend getaways to Puerto Vallarta. And while we may not all be able to afford a Carrie Bradshaw-inspired shoe wardrobe filled to the brim with Manolos, Louobutins, and Jimmy Choos, they're certainly pretty to look at.
So we decided to interview six real-life shoe lovers who dedicate a significant amount of time and money to fulfilling their passion. We asked them to take photos of their shoe closets, talk about their favourite pairs, and show off their pride and joys — stilettos, sneakers, and flats alike. Ahead, these shoe-obsessives get real about their lust-worthy collections and why they just can't stop.

These interviews have been edited and condensed for clarity.