Fruit Salad Sweets Are The Perfect Colour Combo For Summer

Photo via @josephinebredsted.
To misquote Miranda Priestly, bright colours for summer are hardly groundbreaking, but in an era of doom and gloom news and unwavering uncertainty, it’s no wonder that this summer has produced a shot of much-needed sartorial optimism. The serotonin-boosting quality of these tropical shades is a welcome distraction from the current political quagmire.
Pioneered by Jacquemus and his mouthwatering menagerie of fruity flavours, so far we’ve enjoyed pairings such as watermelon-inspired pink and green and acid-hued lilac and lime; now, we're looking to old friends pink and orange. Think of the Fruit Salad sweets you used to get stuck in your teeth as a kid and you've got your summer aesthetic covered.
Our feeds are filled with the hyper-saturated shades and although the world feels bleak, we’re going to do our best to dress it up (or down) with something a little more uplifting. Click on for seven ways to style the colour combo du jour.

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