These Are Now The Most Popular Baby Names In England & Wales

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For the sixth year in a row, Olivia is the most popular girls' name in England and Wales.
However, the latest annual report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reveals a new most popular boys' name – Noah, which takes over from last year's number one, Oliver.
The report compiles the most popular names given to babies in England and Wales in 2021 – and exactly how many newborns were given them – so it's pretty definitive.
There are three new girls' names in this year's top ten: Freya, Florence and Willow. However, the names Isabella, Rosie and Sophia all drop out of the top ten. And for the first time since 1996, Jack doesn't appear in the top ten boys' names.
The ONS report also reveals some other baby names that are gradually falling out of fashion. "Leslie has had relatively little popularity in recent years with fewer than seven boys named [it] each year since 2018," says James Tucker of the ONS. "Others such as Clifford, Nigel and Norman have not fared much better with ten or fewer boys being named [as such]. "
Tucker adds: "Girls' names such as Glenda and Kerry that were more common before are also becoming endangered. We have seen less than five girls being named [as such] each year since 2018."
Check out the top ten boys' and girls' names below.
Interestingly, the report also reveals which names are especially popular with slightly younger and slightly older mothers. Elijah and Arlo only appear in the top ten boys' names for mothers under 25, while Alexander and Thomas only feature in the top ten for mothers over 35.
Meanwhile, the girls' names Willow, Isabella, Harper and Delilah are only in the top ten for mothers under 25, while Charlotte, Grace, Sophie and Sophia are only in the top ten for mothers over 35.
You can also check out Scotland's most popular baby names, which were revealed earlier this year.

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