This New Podcast Is About What It's Really Like To Come Out As Non-Binary

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Caitlin Benedict is 29 years old and is just figuring out their gender identity. What does it mean to be non-binary? What does it mean to change your pronoun to "they"? How do you come out to yourself in the first place? They're taking on all the big and often confusing issues that come with questioning your gender identity in your late 20s; and right now, at a time when there's a fair bit of political, social and cultural commentary about the subject, too.
Amrou Al-Kadhi is a writer, filmmaker, drag artist and Caitlin's friend. Conversely, they have been out for a while, and so have been enlisted by Caitlin to help tackle the challenges around identifying neither as completely male nor as completely female when so much of the world is restricted to those two finite options.
That's where their new podcast NB (short for non-binary) comes in. Over eight wonderful short episodesthe first is a commute-friendly 27 minutes long – you can join Caitlin and Amrou on a journey through various conversations about labels, role models, glitter beards and loved ones (and more) as they try to better understand what being non-binary really means.
Where do you start with that, you ask? Episode one is called "Realising" and sees Caitlin and Amrou take a trip down to Brighton to visit the Museum of Transology. Curator E-J Scott talks them through his own experiences beyond the gender binary and about the time his partner had to collect his breasts in two Mason jars after having them removed. They discuss his concerns about the term 'non-binary', and that he finds it "really problematic that they are starting their gender description with a negative" while Caitlin muses on what the queers of the future might think of our generation and the language we use now. It's true that there's no way any one person can untangle the intricate reality of gender identity alone. Which is why the questions Caitlin and Amrou ask each other and their listeners couldn't be more valuable.
Over the course of the series they visit other non-binary friends and gender non-conforming people to share insight and experiences. It's fun, sincere and will leave you wanting to befriend both Caitlin and Amrou in the real world, too (but for now, sure, go find them on Twitter). However there's another layer to this podcast. Beyond Caitlin's quest to find the words to describe what non-binary feels like, there's another destination. Caitlin wants to return home to Australia and come out to their family, and through the podcast we get to take that journey with them.
The NB podcast is available to listen to on BBC Sounds now

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