These Are The Most Liked Zodiac Signs On Dating Apps

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Dating of any kind is a minefield, especially with the seemingly endless stream of new dating trends to navigate. So anything that makes matching and chatting on the dating apps even a little bit easier is always going to be welcome intel.
According to one dating app, Cancerians are the most liked Zodiac sign among its users. Given that Cancerians are known for being attractive, charismatic and passionate – as well as sensitive and sentimental – this is perhaps no huge surprise.
Right behind are Leos, who are known for being fun and fiery, as well as creative, self-confident and often difficult to resist. Cancerians and Leos are also the most likely signs to match, dating app happn has revealed.
Geminis – who have a rather unfair reputation, and tend to come in three different types – are third, followed by Taureans and Aries in fourth and fifth respectively.
Still, there's no need to feel despondent if your sign isn't in the top five. Given that Venus, the Planet of Love, has recently left dreamy Pisces and made its way into fiery, assertive Aries, where it will stay until 14th April, the Zodiac is giving great first date energy across the board at the moment.
Marine Ravinet, Head of Trends at happn, said in response to the results: "When it comes to choosing our friends, we tend to connect with people who use a similar mode of communication to us, because it makes us feel like they speak our language and understand where we're coming from. Most of the time this is done subconsciously."
She added: "[But] when it comes to love, we tend to over-analyse as we want to understand every aspect of the connection. We want indescribable feelings and magic, and it's not far-fetched - perhaps the stars have more power than we think."

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