Have a New York Weekend Without The Airfare

Love New York? Of course you do. What's not to love in the city that doesn't sleep with enough bars and restaurants to ensure you get into just the right amount of trouble; incredible, expansive parks and enough riveting cultural activities to keep you on the straight and narrow.

While a trip to the big apple is, of course, an experience not to be missed, you need not have to fork out a chunk of your salary on airfare to get a slice of the action, from beautiful galleries hosting world class exhibitions, to five-star cocktail bars and award-winning bagels (ok maybe not award-winning, but generally considered very good), you can live like a New Yorker right here in London, should you so choose.

For those landing in the capital still in a New York state of mind, we've collaborated with American superbrand Michael Kors and model Joanna Halpin from What She Said blog, to deliver a big apple friendly guide to our beloved cobbled city.

From the dazzling new Michael Kors flagship on Regent Street, to the best rooftop bars, this is your insider guide to take you from sunset to sunrise!

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