A Peek At What's In Our Fantasy Shopping Cart

My dad and I always play a game with each other about what we would do if we won the lottery. It usually ends with us stopping at the gas station to get a few tickets, because even though the chances are slim (ridiculously so), it's fun to let your mind wander into the what-ifs.
I have a growing checklist of things I would buy for the what-if-I-win-the-lottery scenario. But as I get older and have started spending money on more investment (read: expensive) items, that "what I would buy with a million dollars" list is almost now interchangeable with my what-if-I-just-want-to-treat-myself scenario. Sometimes what's in our fantasy shopping cart isn't necessarily the most expensive, but what makes us feel our best. They ideal fantasy shopping cart items are the things we save up for, the things we walk away from purchasing one day only to think about it nonstop over the next few weeks, the ultimate mood lifters that, with one glance on a dreary day, can instantly make us smile.
Click through to see just what products we're currently saving to our dream wishlist.

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