Makeup Artist Katie Jane Hughes Predicts 2020’s Biggest Beauty Trends

From cloud eye makeup to modern bronzing, we've been spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty trends this year. And with 2020 a mere three months away, you can expect an avalanche of new and imaginative ways to wear your makeup.
Ahead, makeup artist and influencer Katie Jane Hughes lifts the lid on the beauty movements that are going to be everywhere next year, and exactly how you can create them.
Halo Eyes
The showpiece of this eye look is the circle of light in the centre, just like a halo, says Katie, and it's pretty simple to create. "This simply consists of matte eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners and a pop of bright, shimmery pigment in the middle."
Instead of painstakingly placing eyeshadow in each corner, just apply a wash of matte colour all over the lid and use your finger to daub some metallic shadow in the centre. If you aren't a fan of shimmery powders, Katie mentions you can apply gloss in the middle instead, but know that it might not last as long.
Bracket Liner
"People are getting much more comfortable with graphic, cool makeup, and thanks to Euphoria, makeup artists are really encouraging this sort of trend," said Katie. "Eye makeup will be more elevated and therefore become mainstream. Treat it as a medium of self-expression."
To create this look, Katie suggests ditching liquid liner for a super sharp, soft eye pencil, such as the Make Up For Ever Aqua XL Eye Pencil, £16. Try not to draw the line in one go. Instead, scribble tiny little dashes and join them up as you go. To clean up mistakes, Katie suggests taking an angled brush dipped in a drop of facial oil, like the Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Facial Oil, £67, or Superfood Facial Oil, £45, and gently swiping to erase marks.
If you have a steadier hand, you can use powder eyeshadow over a pencil. Again, employ an angled brush dipped in facial oil to 'paint' on the powder. "I like to use facial oil as a mixing medium," said Katie. "It completely changes the consistency of the product and goes much further."
Overloaded Blush
What we're really talking about is the intense blush we saw all over the catwalks at London Fashion Week, which crept up to the temples and was layered underneath the eyes. If you're going to go there, Katie suggests working out the rest of your makeup look first. "This depends on what you wear it with," she said. "If you pair really intense blush with a simple eye, a nice clean brow and a balmy lip, then it’s super wearable and fun. This is how it was worn on the catwalk." What she wouldn't necessarily do? "An intense cheek and loads of other stuff. A slick of mascara and a glossy eye is all you need – something has to lift it."
Creative Mascara
"People think mascara just does one thing and fits one purpose but it should be played with," says Katie. "You can be really creative with mascara, regardless of whether it’s black, brown or colourful. If you’re wearing winged liner for example, take it out in the shape of the wing instead of fanning it out big and wide." And if you’re wearing no eyeliner at all? "Make the mascara chunky and clumpy. Pinch your lashes together and take it to a place where the lashes look quite dolly-like. I really think spider lashes are the coolest thing ever."
Natural Highlighter
Loading on frosty powder highlighter is something Katie thinks we'll be ditching come 2020, replacing it with...nothing.
"If you have oily skin, I'd suggest doing more to control the shine in the T-zone and letting the natural glow on the skin come through on its own," says Katie. "It’s all about creating contrast in the T-zone using powder so the oils on the rest of your skin become your highlighter. Then, you can use a face mist to help catch the light on those high points."
Concealer Over Foundation
Full coverage might have had its day. "Of course, this depends on a person’s individual skin needs, but usually I will just put concealer everywhere instead of foundation to give my skin a nice, simple, clean base. I like NARS' Creamy Concealer, £24, and Glossier's Stretch Concealer, £15. I start in the middle, then use a fluffy brush to 'thin' it out. This selective coverage is something people should definitely embrace and practise more. We don’t need to erase the planes of the face with foundation because then you need to carve them back in with blush and contour!"

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