The Sunglasses You Need This Summer — According To Your Horoscope

You’re the sort of person who checks your horoscope before the weather forecast, and for good reason — after all, the disappointment of a Summer Friday downpour pales in comparison to the life-altering chaos that is Mercury in retrograde.
Besides, it’s not like you need the guarantee of blue skies and blindingly bright sunshine to justify treating yourself to a fresh pair of designer sunglasses for the summer, especially after clapping eyes on the beauties Kate Spade has in stock this season. Fashion-forward mirrored lenses, playful pops of colour, the sexiest of’s enough to perk up the gloomiest of days.
But which pair will it be? There’s the size and shape of your face to consider, of course, but, more importantly: What does the zodiac have to say? We asked an astrologist to map out the summer ahead for each sign, and there are planetary shifts, mood swings, and major bursts of energy coming through. If you’re going to face them head-on, you’ll want your accessories game to be on point. Whether you’re a Leo or Libra, the right shades can help you soak up some new vibes, block out unwelcome obstacles, or simply help you feel confident and cool as the mercury rises — in more ways than one.
Read on to see what your summer horoscope has in store for you and your style. Future’s so bright you gotta wear shades? Only the stars know for sure…

Earth Signs

What would it mean to simply drift away, earth babes? Summer 2019 heralds a departure from your life on land, beckoning you to swap to-do lists for dream journals. What patterns are running on autopilot that feel more mechanical than magical? This summer is the prime time to smoke out the "shoulds" and touch and taste your true desires, responding to intuitive hits instead of stale structures. Trust that the world you long to build and the security that you crave might actually be born from letting some of what you’ve been gripping so tightly simply drift out to sea.
Think: Easy-breezy styles and creative pops of colour
For Capricorn beach beauties, this starts with some softly serious self-care. Notice if you feel icky even thinking about this term, and explore what might be beneath this aversion. Do you see tending to your touchier places as a sign of weakness? July’s pair of eclipses on the 2nd and the 15th want to teach you about loving up on your most vulnerable places. If you agree to spend the first part of the summer tucking in, August will dawn majestic, offering you self-sovereignty and a sense of competence that springs from a full compassion for all your parts. Now isn’t the time to hide behind a pair of dark, heavy shades. Instead, lean into that softer, more sensitive spirit with a lightweight look that exposes more of your true self. With their rosy mirrored lenses and clean lines, the rimless Jakayla aviators are just right for embracing this stretch of self-reflection.
The summer view for Taurus queens is all about revolutionising the concept of security, and finding roots in unexpected places. Kick late June off with a sweet retreat that honours your creative force and spend July losing the map; just be sure to pack a pair of rounded, pink-framed Kiyah sunnies, aka the perfect classic-with-a-twist eyewear to nudge you out of your comfort zone. As August finds change-making planet Uranus going retrograde in your sign, this is major body knowledge time. What are you open to receiving? And what no longer feels good in your bones? Trust those hits over the old scarcity stories that spin in your head, and make the leap to open even wider to the tasty treats you deserve.
And Virgos, it’s a potent summer to let yourself truly be in process, even if it’s not perfect. The 21st June summer solstice kicks off a month of deliciously messy feels that you can liken to finger painting. Undo your locks and laces, and let it all hang out — taking the world in from behind a groovy, free-spirited pair of violet, oversized Mackenna sunglasses. As the earth heats up with Leo energy in August, allow yourself to be led by your own spark, letting the regimens fall away and choosing romance instead. With a pack of planets moving into your sign at the end of August, you’ll have a deeper sense of your appetites and be ready to act on them without hesitation.

Air Signs

While you’re passionate about social circulation, this summer is a solo karaoke booth, asking you to turn down the static and commit to following your own credo. With a powerful Mercury retrograde from 7th-31st July, consider that gathering more information about a major life situation might actually be a distraction from acting on an innate knowledge that’s already at your fingertips. After Mercury goes direct, and consciousness-expanding Jupiter joins the forward roll on 11th August, it will be time to act on instinct rather than the opinions of others.
Think: Bold frames that’ll guarantee you stand out from the crowd
For Libra loves, take late June through July to notice where you might be hardening into black and white thinking, and loosen your grip to taste the rainbow that’s right here in front of you, instead. This kind of permission will power you up for partnerships where both parties can bring their whole selves. As your ruler, Venus, travels through Leo in August, it’s a hot-blooded month for romance, either solo or partnered. Explore the notion of "magnetics" and let your lusts and longings be the honey that draws what you crave closer to your lair. Aesthetically obsessed Librans need sunnies that are as gorgeous and golden as your new outlook — and the yellow-framed, large-and-in-charge Mackennas are it. It’s impossible to not feel bold, empowered, and, yes, shamelessly flirtatious in these beauties.
Aquarius explorers are invited to get loony in late June and July, as the cosmos reminds you that you are the zodiac’s prime weirdo for a reason, taking risks that might make the rest of us recoil. Remember that some of these are voyages into your own emo waters, and that feeling it out can be favoured over figuring it out. As your ruler, Uranus, retrogrades in August, coupled with a potent full moon in your sign on the 15th, take this time to soften your need to catalyse external change, and explore all the internal shifts that are happening. The revolution starts at home — and your accessories. Eschew classics in favour of a quirkier sunglasses style that reflects your mood. Our pick: the irresistibly eccentric Karrie, whose round tortoiseshell frames and unconventional green lenses weren’t made for wallflowers.
Gemini babes are invited into deep learnings around speaking your truth with a capital T, as Mercury’s retrograde roll returns you to your own voice. Take the first part of the summer to check in with outmoded belief systems and their origins. Mercury’s direct station in August sends you hurtling towards the podium, ready to reveal what’s in your heart and pledge allegiance to your own flag, no matter the cost. Consider the peace that can come with the clarity of feeling like you've got nothing left to hide and nothing left to lose. Steel yourself and gain an instant confidence boost by slipping on some sleek, green-tinted Alexus shades with dazzling crystal beige acetate frames that practically scream "you’re worth it".

Fire Signs

Get ready to pair your force with pure fantasia and powered up partnerships, fire signs. This summer’s menu reminds you that it’s damn good to be alive, and that by building your compassion muscle, you will fuel the passion projects you’re here to bring to the world. In July, the opportunities are ripe for collisions and duets of all stripes. August’s energy finds you ready for megawatt expansion that’s aligned with soul goals, and moves with the natural course of things rather than against them. Let the world be your multifaceted mirror and commit to dancing cheek-to-cheek.
Think: Fierce feminine frames with retro roots
Summer loving means self-love for Aries babes, with a retrograde Chiron in your sign setting the tone for vulnerably healing the places inside of yourself you might feel are better off exorcised. You’ve got to feel it to heal it though, Aries, and your characteristic sense of courage and mojo is being asked to turn towards these touchier places. With your ruler, Mars, rolling in fire energy until late August, trust that your major strides in softness are assuredly a sign of strength. Allowing this give and take inside of yourself will birth actions in the world that are aligned with your soul. In the spirit of contradictions, face the world in the brown-shaded Jalena cat-eye acetate frames, a cool girl staple and the perfect marriage of sharp, streamlined angles and sexy curves.
As fiery force mixes with watery soft-shell sensitivities until late July, this summer is all about the creative process for Leo. Consider where you’re birthing something, even if you can barely sense this new form, and focus on what's coming in rather than forcing yourself to let go of what's leaving. Tend to what you want to bring alive. Incubate it. And protect it fiercely from the haters. As 31st July's new moon in your sign carries you into a hot and heavy August, you’ll be ready to debut this new way of being, no matter the reception. Your summer must-have: sunglasses that combine that signature Leo drama with a feminine flair. Look no further than the sweet pink acetate frames, strong square silhouette, and grey fuchsia glow of the Kiyanna.
For Sagittarius ponies, it’s a summertime built for flexing your "faith" muscle and letting some perceived limits create liberation. July’s Cancer and Capricorn energy asks you to become the mature caretaker of your life, swapping some of your notoriously open road vibes for a home-cooked meal. With your ruler, Jupiter, stationing direct in August, you’re asked to come into communion with all that you can’t see, risking big expansions that partner with the mystical. What if your biggest summer romance was a chat with the cosmos? Swap strategy for star-kissed navigation and add the celestial-minded Kiyah shades — with their slick gold steel exterior, dreamy blue lenses and flattering oval design — as a flawless finishing touch.

Water Signs

While you often long to synchronised swim rather than solo dive, this summer is all about building some trust in your own solitude, and making instinctual decisions that come from your core. The season starts with Cancer and Leo energy commingling, literally heating the water and reminding you that relationships are also about two egos dancing together. Where have you sublimated your personal appetites in favour of pleasing others? August asks you to sparkle and shine, celebrating your own specialness at the centre of the dance floor.
Think: Sizeable statement shades offering maximum coverage and control
For Cancer mermies, it’s a soul work summer school session, as the North Node in your sign faces off against taskmaster Saturn. The agenda? Fight for the force of your feelings like never before, and know that this may mean going it alone to re-find those who truly lift you. With a powerful eclipse in your sign setting the tone for July, this is about reclaiming your right to put your needs first without guilt. August amps up your glow, reminding you that you become an inspiration for others when you first commit to filling your own cup. Tune out the distractions of others and look inward as you seek comfort behind a pair of brown-on-brown Mackennas — a style whose effortless appeal frees you up to focus on what’s important: moi.
This summer wants you to melt the ice, Scorpio, as you soften into the sensation that maybe not everything has to be second guessed. July asks you to consider where you’re flowering open and ready to love again. Whether this is romantic or not, some part of you is coming back to life. Can you trade cynicism for excitement? August invites you to dance with the sensation that pure fun can be a force. Trust that the more "frivolous" it feels, the more fiercely necessary it is for your very evolution. And when it comes to sunglasses, nothing is more playful than the scalloped Karrie shades in anything-but-basic black. They’ve got just the touch of whimsy this loose and laid-back mindset craves right now.
This summer’s Neptune retrograde has your name on it Pisces, and you’re invited to allow yourself ample time for solo journeys without having to say a word to anyone about your whereabouts. (The black, square-framed Kiyanna sunglasses work wonders at concealing the thoughts your contemplative, solitude-seeking self would rather keep private, while exuding a bewitching air of mystery.) While you’re at it though, consider the fine line between retreat and escapism. Take necessary time and space away from a pressing situation, but notice when you’re checking out to avoid taking a risk. With Jupiter inviting you into adventurous expansion in August, it will be high time to pull your head out of the sand and get ready to roll the dice.

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