Your New Instagram Stalk: Danielle Snyder

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Meet jewellery designer and philanthropist Danielle Snyder.

Danielle's style is about as New York as a pizza slice and that's why we're so obsessed; red and white bandanas, deep-dug vintage denim, skinny jeans and an artillery of cocktail dresses to rival any girl's and, of course, an archive of fabulous jewellery.

Yes Danielle eschews effortless glamour 100% of the time, but beyond her love of the outdoors she's also very hands-on with her work as a designer. Raised with her sister Jodie in Florida, with a cardiologist father, she and her sister found themselves crafting DIY jewels at home with their father's surgical tools. After Danni and Jodie were separated by college, they reunited after graduating in NYC and started a full-blown, all-singing, all-sparkling jewellery brand: DANNIJO. Think velvet '90s chokers, sculptural silver earrings, stacking rings and bohemian draped necklaces.

Here's where things get really special. Since the brand's inception in 2008, DANNIJO has pledged to create more sustainable working and economic opportunities for women in underdeveloped countries. All of the DANNIJO packaging is handmade in Rwanda in partnership with Indego Africa. Danielle and Jodie were shortlisted on Inc Magazine's 30 Under 30: America's Coolest Entrepreneurs List and Danielle was named in Forbes '30 Under 30' in the Art and Style List. Not impressed enough already? You may well recognise Danielle from her Harpers video series, 'Conversation Pieces', in which she sat down with some of the world's most influential women, such as Misty Copeland, and put the world to rights.

Danielle's CV is as eclectic and assorted as her inimitable style: she's your number one girl for a vintage bargain sale. Here we got some time with the globe-trotting jewellery empress, finding out how she relaxes, where she eats, and what she's buying next...

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Photo: @danielleasnyder
Age, location, occupation?
31, New York, New York, designer and entrepreneur.

If you were an item of clothing, what would you be and why?
Vintage Levi's – they get better with age, are always ready for adventure, and go with everything.

Favourite items of clothing you’re currently wearing?
Vintage '70s denim onesie, '90s silk slip dresses, and Victorian lace.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
What do you love about the city you live in?
The energy, the dynamic personalities, and the eclectic culinary experiences.

How does it impact your style?
There's a real sense of freedom in New York and it encourages me to have fun with my style – there's never a shortage of inspiration.

Where’s your favourite place to shop?
A Current Affair vintage show in New York.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
How would you sum your style up in three words?
Eclectic, bohemian, effortless.

What’s your favourite pair of shoes?

My Dannijo gladiator heels because they make your legs look long, are comfortable and go with everything.

What’s your most important beauty rule?
Less is more.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
Favourite makeup product and why?
An eye lash curler, Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lip liner and Giorgio Armani bronzer – all great for an au natural everyday look.

Weirdest beauty trick you’ve ever tried?

Heating up good honey and making a post-workout hydrating mask out of it.

Your favourite place to eat?
Brunch at Jacks Wife Freda and dinner at Blue Ribbon Sushi.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
If you had to wear one designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?

What’s your favourite thing to cook?
Pecan crusted salmon, tacos, or beef and tomatoes over rice.

What's your favourite picture you've posted?
The one with my niece and me taking a Sunday bath.

Your motto?
'Live lightly' and 'Why not?'

Your biggest fear?
Holding my breath underwater for long periods of time (weird right?)
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
Who’s your best buddy?
My sister and my niece.

Where’s your happy place?
With my family and friends.

Your biggest achievement to date?

Dannijo and our long term partnership with Indego Africa which employs Rwandan women's cooperatives to handmake packaging and provides economic opportunity for women in underdeveloped areas of the world. Also, my nonprofit work fundraising for the first hospital in Lwala, Kenya.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
What do you want from your career?
Fulfillment, passion, and security.

Where will you be in ten years?

Somewhere great surrounded by people I love and admire.

Where are we most likely to find you on a Friday night/Saturday morning?
Friday night, at home and cooking / ordering in with friends, and Saturday morning at Pilates with my sister.
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Photo: @danielleasnyder
Who makes you laugh?
My dad, mom, sister, Margaux, brother-in-law, and my friends Natalie and Buscemi. Also Kristen Wiig.

What quality do you most admire in other people?
Sense of humour, honesty, confidence, creativity, passion, loyalty and leadership.

What’s next?
Stay tuned.

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