How To Travel The World — Without Leaving Your Sofa

We’ll say it: Travelling in 2020 doesn’t look exactly like what we had in mind. Instead of planning summer excursions from sweltering cities to coastal escapes we’re really just shuffling from the couch to the kitchen. That is, until now. Enter: 60 Second Cities presents The World Your Way a totally interactive version of the hyperspeed travel show you already know and love. This time, you’re in the driver’s seat, calling the shots on your dream virtual vacation. Thanks to Eko, the leader in choice-driven technology, traveling the world is right at your fingertips.
By clicking the choices as they appear, you’ll transport yourself on an ideal getaway, visiting ten must-see cities all around the world like never before. Bike down cobblestone streets in Rome, learn to windsurf in Miami, visit spiritual landmarks in Bali, experience the culinary street food scene in Hanoi, or fall in love with the hills of Taipei — all without leaving your couch.
You decide: do you wanna ball out on your adventure or save money throughout your excursion? Have a full brunch or grab a coffee and hit the streets? See a show or go for drinks? Click and the video responds, transporting you on a trip that’s customised to your travel personality.
Best of all, this fully immersive adventure spotlights 700 local businesses around the globe and offers you the opportunity to give back to the places you’ve visited and the people you’ve met along the way. There are over 2,000 possible video paths but each has one thing in common: At the end, you’ll get linked to local resources to support these incredible cities. Because if there’s one thing staying home has taught us, it’s that we’re all in this together.
We have no doubt that you’ll travel again soon. Until then, we invite you to explore the world beyond your apartments in the best way we know how — by crafting a totally unique choice-driven adventure that suits your unbound wanderlust. We know, we’re tripping, too.
From NYC to Bali, watch and play below. For all episodes, visit
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