How To Blag Hotel Upgrades

While staying in a luxury hotel is always an experience to look forward to, it becomes instantly more wonderful when a complimentary upgrade is presented to you with a smile at the check-in desk.
So you don’t really need that plunge pool on your balcony or the huge lounge accompanying your bedroom – but you would hardly say no to such pleasures, would you? Added extras like flowers in your room, an incredible sea view, and a whopping bath make all the difference.
Most of us feel guilty enough just spending our hard-earned cash on the most basic room in the first place, so the thought of spending even more just to have a fancier room is often out of the question. Luckily, we’ve done some digging and spoken to hotel managers from resorts around the world, who have given us the inside track on how best to up our chances of getting a free room upgrade.

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