Anklets Are Back! It's Time To Dig Out Your '90s Holiday Jewellery

You know those sights, sounds and scents that take you back to your childhood holidays, like the smell of Hawaiian Tropic suncream, or the taste of an ice-cold Orangina? Our jewellery box is starting to do the same. A plethora of brands are creating pieces that could have been lifted straight from the souvenir markets we dragged our parents to in Majorca '02.
Think shell-embellished earrings, chunky rainbow bracelets (of which we always bought two – one for us, one for our BFF), and kitsch plastic rings. These treasures would turn our skin green and fall apart before lunchtime on the first day back at school; now, a slew of new brands are providing serious accessories kudos.
Not convinced? Just look to Instagram for proof: with everyone from Leandra Medine to Blanca Miró donning throwback holiday jewellery, there's something to be said for these tongue-in-cheek sartorial choices. Click through to see the micro trends we're coveting, and the pieces we're wearing right now – whether we're on holiday or not.