Hair Glossing: The Clever Treatment Guaranteeing Your Shiniest Hair Ever

With many of us opting for bleach in a bid to keep up to date with the latest balayage trends, overdoing it on the heated styling tools and subjecting our strands to winter temperatures and central heating, dull, lacklustre hair is a big beauty concern. It's no wonder that thousands of us are searching for ways to achieve shinier lengths.
On Instagram, hashtags for #shinyhair serve up over 500k posts and counting – up 58% from last year, according to L'Oréal Professionnel – with #glasshair swiftly following suit. And the look is sparking a salon-wide trend. Enter: hair glossing.
Sometimes referred to as hair glazing or hair lamination on Pinterest, hairstylists and haircare brands are using their knowledge and expertise to deliver on our demands for a mirror-like, shampoo-ad shine, launching treatments and products filled to bursting with ingredients which repair the hair protein for a smoother finish, banish frizz and flyaways and minimise fluffy ends, all while lending the glossiest finish, whether your hair is coloured or not.
London hair salon Jo Hansford was one of the first to jump on board. "This is hair that looks expensive," explained expert colourist, Louisa Moore, who offers 'hair glazing' alongside hair colour. First, hair is treated with L'Oréal's Smartbond, layering Step 1 and Step 2 to rebuild and strengthen rough, damaged hair. Hair is cleansed with Jo Hansford Everyday Shampoo, £8, and treated with a bespoke colour. This is optional, as hair glazing works just as well on virgin hair. A hair mask is then applied and left to work its magic, followed by a hair oil and a veil of Tecni Art Ring Light Topcoat, £15.60 – a clever lightweight spray which keeps hair in place while allowing movement, and 'laminates' strands in a few spritzes.
While the look can be achieved with a handful of products, a professional salon treatment is the best place to start. Especially if you want the shine to last, according to hairstylist Larry King, who rates Redken's Shades EQ Gloss – a demi-permanent colour, dubbed "lipgloss for your hair". The treatment, which also boasts a clear version for virgin hair in need of extra shine, works just like a mask. Applied to damp hair and sealed in with a cap, it takes just 10-20 minutes to penetrate strands.
"It's important to note that this doesn’t lift the hair," explained Larry. "People are wearing their hair more natural, getting the best out of their hair texture, and also cutting their hair shorter and relying on straighteners. For these reasons, this is great. The formula adds shine and makes hair feel much healthier and conditioned."
Larry continued: "On blonde hair, it adds shine and refreshes colour so it doesn’t look so dull, and on brown hair the formula gives it more depth and a bit more life. It lasts for 8-12 washes depending on your hair type." But it's not just for straight hair. "This works on textures across the board," explained Larry, "but curly hair tends to be fluffier and frizzier, so this really adds shine."
If you don't have the time, patience or budget for professional treatment, hair glossing can be achieved by making a few simple tweaks to your usual hair routine. According to Peter Bailey, European R&D manager at TRESemmé, shampoos with low surfactant systems, such as the
Shineplex Shampoo, £4.99, bother hair strands less, meaning the cuticle remains smooth. If you're prone to frizz, hairstylist and author of Great Hair Days & How To Have Them, Luke Hersheson, also suggests using your fingertips to smooth your roots down while blowdrying hair. It's a good idea to employ a diffuser for precision.
A nourishing hair oil, like OGX Argan Oil of Morocco Extra Penetrating Oil, £6.99, is also a must (rake this through towel dried hair using your hands), as is a finishing spray. Replace your serum with something more lightweight, like Matrix Biolage ColourLast Shine Shake, £15.95, or Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal Shine Enhancer, £5.95. And the golden rule: avoid applying too much heat whenever you can. If you don't want to forego your trusty straighteners, choose a pair with a controlled temperature. ghd's Platinum+ Styler, £175, may be pricey but smooths in a single pass and doesn't exceed the 180 degree mark, so is much kinder on your strands.

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