7 Best Man Speeches That Will Make You Laugh, Cry & Lose It

Photo: Getty Images.
Nailing the best man speech is a delicate art form: Public speaking is never fun, and when you mix that in with booze and parental figures you don't know that well, it's a recipe for disaster for the underprepared. It's not a time to play it safe, either: Following a template will only get you so far, since it's virtually impossible to get people to look up from their phones if they don't feel adequately entertained.
Lucky for you wedding-speaker newbies out there, the internet is chock-full of video footage that depicts just what a spot-on speech looks like. Click through for highlights of the most creative, humorous, and heartfelt best man speeches that will make you want to raise a glass. And, to make that inspiration go a long way, we've included helpful tips gleaned from each clip so you can apply them yourself. Get ready for your standing ovation.

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