5 Fun Ways To Indulge Your Foot Fetish

Your feet deserve love. They're your base of support, and they take you everywhere you go. If any part of your body deserves some extra attention, it's probably your feet. And, according to Moushimi Ghose, a Los Angeles-based sex therapist, there are plenty of people out there with a foot fetish who would love to shower them with attention.
Having a foot fetish just means that you're turned on by feet, and the kink often involves a psychological element of domination and humiliation, Ghose says. The humiliation aspect of foot fetishes may include the fetishist wanting to have your feet placed on their face — after all, your feet walk on the ground all day long, so they may be dirty and even smelly. They're also at the very bottom of your body. This is all part of the turn on for some foot fetishists.
Of course, you don't have to smear your partner's head with your foot sweat to indulge in a foot fetish. There are many ways to try out this kink if you're intrigued by feet but not sure where to start. "As with any fetish, it's really up to the individual to explore and figure out what they enjoy about it," says Goddess Aviva, a lifestyle and professional dominatrix.
No matter how you practice your foot fetish, the most important thing to know beyond technique is that you're 100% normal. "A lot of people wonder if they are weird or perverted for having a foot fetish, but I can tell you it's actually quite common," Aviva says. "It's also a lot of fun."
If you or your partner has a foot fetish, here are five ways to enjoy it.
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Send Or Request Foot Selfies

Sending a sexy selfie of your face can be a wonderful way to tease your partner. Why not apply that philosophy to your feet? If your partner has a foot fetish, take a selfie of your feet (would that be called a footsie?) and text it to them. You can also play with Snapchat to create sexy snaps starring your feet. Try modelling various socks, nylons, or simply your bare feet for your partner to enjoy. If some next-level foot play awaits them when they get off work, send a sexy note to go along with the picture.

Are you the one with the foot fetish? Send your partner a flirty text requesting that they share some tantalising images of their feet.
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Enjoy A Foot Massage

You're in luck if you have a partner with a foot fetish. It means that you're in for plenty of foot massages. Aviva says getting foot massages from her clients is one of her favourite things about working with foot fetishists.

Try relaxing on your couch as your partner kneels on the floor and rubs your feet after a long day of work (they can put a pillow under their knees for extra comfort). If you have a foot fetish, ask your partner if you can help them unwind by giving their feet a sensual massage. Communicate with your partner to learn how much pressure they enjoy.
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Try Out Foot-Kissing

"I love having clients drop to their knees and kiss my feet as a sign of adoration," Aviva says. Foot-kissing can be done as a stand-alone act or as a form of foreplay. The soles of your feet have more sensitive nerve endings per square centimetre than any other part of your body. This means that having your feet kissed can feel quite pleasurable (unless you're ticklish).
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Engage In Foot Worship

Like Ghose said, foot fetishists can be turned on by psychological domination. And Aviva says that placing her feet upon her foot fetish clients (like a human footrest) is another fun activity to try. If you and/or your partner are aroused by using feet in submission and domination play, you can try this at home. If your partner has a foot fetish, have them kneel on their hands and knees at the edge of your couch or bed as you use their back as a footrest. They may want to kiss your feet as a form of worship, as well.

Foot worship is also a very safe form of erotic play in terms of unplanned pregnancy and STI transmission (which is the case for many, if not most, foot fetish activities). "Because of the psychological aspect in BDSM, many fetishes don't actually involve sexual intercourse or even genital contact," Ghose says. "A foot fetish is a good example of that.'
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Give Or Receive A Footjob

If you or your partner has a foot fetish, and you both feel safe with one another, you may want to include genital contact while exploring the kink. Footjobs are exactly what they sound like: using your feet to pleasure a penis or vagina. If you want to see what a footjob looks like, Pornhub hosts many videos (link NSFW) that display the act. Remember: As a rule of thumb, any type of sex depicted in mainstream porn often makes it look much easier than it is in real life. So keep in mind that since your feet are usually not as dexterous as your hands, giving a footjob can be difficult.

If your partner has a penis, ease into giving them a footjob by gliding your feet up and down their shaft. If your partner has a vagina, experiment with light penetration using your toes (and don't forget to make sure that your toenails aren't hurting them).

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