What 7 Women Really Eat When They're Sick (& Why It Matters)

Photographed by Anna Jay.
As we come to the end of January, let's cut the nonsense about food shall we?
This past month's stream of celebrity "detoxes" and wellness guides has been trying to sell you the silly idea that certain foods make you a better, "cleaner "person. A quick flick through #foodporn on Instagram and you could be convinced that it's just what food looks like that matters (glitter cappuccinos, what even are you?). In fact, a mildly concerning new trend out of Silicon Valley might even see the end of food as we know it, thanks to some bright spark who decided to replace dining with nutrient-heavy "MealSquares".
When we make our really important food choices – when we're down and really need to eat something that's going to make us feel good – does Gwyneth or Instagram really matter? When we're sick, for example, is the food that makes us feel better nourishing because of its nutrient content, or are there other reasons it makes us feel good?
We asked seven women from very different places to share what that meal is and why it makes them feel so good. Wellness and food trends usually ignore the emotional connection we have to our food but if these stories are anything to go by, it might be worth taking a moment to remember why and how food can make us feel better, before we begin another year of detoxes and unicorn Frappucinos.

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