4 Flight Attendants On The Things Nobody Knows About Their Job

Photo: Getty Images.
All career fields have their own weird quirks and customs that outsiders don't understand. Whether you're a bartender or a movie star, chances are there are things you wish people could know about your line of work. For flight attendants, all this is compounded by the fact that, as one former flight attendant told us, they're working "in close proximity in a metal tube in the sky." So, yeah, a little different from your average desk job.
But believe it or not, living much of life at 30,000 feet isn't even the wildest thing the four current and former flight attendants we spoke to told us about. From intense training to crash pads to some facts about the cleanliness of airplanes that will make you never want to set foot on one again, scroll on for the facts of flight attendant life that you probably don't know but definitely should.

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