30 Comedies Every Woman Needs To See Before Turning 30

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First of all, if you’re here to find a list of movies like Airplane, This Is Spinal Tap, Caddyshack, Office Space, or Ghostbusters, you’ve come to the wrong place. This ain’t that list. If you’re looking for a generic roundup of the generally agreed-upon films you should have in your comedy canon, might we direct you to this one from The Guardian, or this one from Time Out.
What you’re about to read is a carefully curated list of films that celebrate the more humorous parts of the female experience — for smart women who appreciate watching it in said way. If your favourite part of perusing Seventeen was always reading the Traumaraumas out loud with your friends, we feel you. This list is 100% your jam. Also, who among us hasn't flown too close to the sun by testing the absorbency limits of a tampon? It's all part of the learning curve, friends.
These movies celebrate all the joy, pain, and douleur exquise of the female experience in a way that’ll make you laugh, cry, and craugh (a new world we’re coining for laughing while crying). Because that’s what’s involved in being a woman sometimes: finding humour in even the most difficult of situations.
Some of the films are pure silliness. Others are extremely dark and subversive. This is the essential comedy canon, though, to make you silently sing, “I Enjoy Being a Girl” — and know that you're never alone on this, your female mortal coil.
P.S. In some cases, we’ve suggested an additional film with which to pair a given movie. Because, much like pretzels and frosting, some things just go better together, you know?

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