Arty? Sustainable? Political? What Our Favourite Tote Bags Say About Us

Photographed by Meg O'Donnell
Two things have happened in the 'world of bags' in recent times that have resulted in canvas totes being more popular (and necessary) than ever. Firstly, the rightful vilification of plastic bags has resulted in people getting rather attached to their totes, proudly producing them at the checkout aisle and giving scornful looks to those still paying 5p for the privilege of polluting.
Secondly, there’s been a rise in the mini handbag i.e. cute bags that fit no more than your phone, keys and a single non-applicator tampon, therefore ensuring you need to also lug around a tote to carry your, y'know, actual stuff.
But how do you select yours? While some use their tote to show off, others choose one that makes a political statement, then some actually just grabbed it from the kitchen at work and have no idea what the branding refers to, thankyouverymuch.
We asked some R29 staffers how they came to choose their favourite tote.

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