R29 Style Picks: Everything We Want To Wear In July

Designed by Anna Jay.
As temperatures start to soar, it’s only natural that we begin looking at the contents of our wardrobes with a mental checklist. Is it too clingy? Is it too heavy? Will you visibly be able to see my sweat stains through this? The average list of summer fashion criteria might seem endless, but lockdown has now given us even more to things consider, with the number one question being ‘can I easily wee behind a bush in this?’
But despite summer presenting us with its fair share of fashion challenges, it also provides us some of the best pieces of the year. Whether it be a perfectly fitting loose linen dress or a dreamy pair of vintage '70s shades, summer gives us the space to shed our structured winter wardrobe and emerge into the sunshine in a string of easy, breezy pieces that work both indoors and out.
Now that pubs and restaurants are set to re-open from July 4th, this month feels like the right time to invest in some staple pieces to see us through the rest of the summer. Whether it’s a killer outfit for your first socially-distanced pint or alfresco pizza of the year, team R29 have got you covered for fashion inspiration this July.
From sustainable sundresses to straw sandals, click through to see what R29 staff are wearing this month…

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