The Most Iconic Film-Famous Swimsuits & Where You Can Buy Them

Designed by Olivia Santner
The invention of the modern bikini is among the most controversial events in fashion history. Designed in 1946, "the smallest bathing suit in the world" was named after the nuclear testing site Bikini Atoll. The minimal design was expected to light a sartorial fuse beneath mid '40s fashion – and indeed, everyone was shook.
Initially, the tiny two-piece was denounced by the Vatican and banned in Catholic-majority countries in western Europe and the United States. But before long, the sexual revolution of the '60s, popular songs like "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" and films such as Dr. No and One Million Years B.C. brought the midriff-baring design into the mainstream.
Despite the numerous men credited with the invention of the itsy bitsy swimsuit, it's the women of the silver screen who have made the bikini a summer staple on beaches all over the world. But not all swimsuits are created equal, and some truly unforgettable bikinis and one-pieces have been immortalised in film.
Without further ado, we present the absolute best film-famous swimsuits – and where to buy them.

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