These Are The Baby Names That Have Most Fallen Out Of Fashion

Photographed by Krystal Neuvill
This week the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has published its annual list of the most popular baby names in the UK. Oliver and Olivia continue to be top of the pile – with Dua and Kylo growing in popularity as new parents are inspired by pop queen Dua Lipa and Star Wars character Kylo Ren.
But as some baby names become trendier, it's inevitable that others fall out of fashion. The folks at Flowercard have analysed ONS data from the last 20 years to make a list of the most "endangered" baby names – these are names that were once relatively popular, but which new parents are now choosing to ignore.
It definitely makes for interesting reading. Kirsty is ranked as the "most endangered" girls' name after experiencing a 99% drop in popularity. Back in 2000, it was given to 525 baby girls, but last year it was given to only four.
Back in 2000, the name Jordan was given to 622 baby girls in the UK, but last year it was given to just six. That's also a massive 99% drop in popularity.
Courtney – a name synonymous with '90s icons Courtney Love and Courteney Cox – has dropped in popularity by 94% over the last two decades. It was given to 36 baby girls last year, compared to 2,095 in 2000.
Among boys' names, Kieran has experienced a 96% drop in popularity – it was given to 2,586 baby boys in 2000, but just 116 last year.
Callum has fallen out of fashion nearly as rapidly: in 2000, it was given to 4911 baby boys, making it the 13th most popular boy's name in the UK. But last year, it was given to only 319 – a drop of 94%.
The 10 most endangered girls' names:
1. Kirsty
2. Jordan
3. Shauna
4. Shannon
5. Courtney
6. Lauren
7. Gemma
8. Jodie
9. Jade
10. Natasha
The 10 most endangered boys' names:
1. Mitchell
2. Kieran
3. Ross
4. Brandon
5. Craig
6. Ben
7. Jordan
8. Callum
9. Kyle
10. Scott

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