Diet Paratha Is The Instagram Account Spotlighting South Asian Creative Excellence

Photo by Shaye Laree & Libby Mcleod
With 12.9K followers, Diet Paratha is the brainchild of New Zealand-born, London-based Anita Chhiba, who started her Instagram account back in 2017 as a means to spotlight South Asian creatives excelling across film, fashion, music, and activism. Here, she takes us through the IG accounts we should be following right now...
South Asian faces and creatives are more apparent than ever before, and still, the people of the diaspora are underrepresented or tokenised. So often when South Asian people are represented, we are often seen centred around cultural attire, monuments, festivities, food and negative stereotypes. Our identities span so much more beyond this.
To combat this, I started Diet Paratha – a community platform on IG that champions South Asian people excelling in creative fields from all over the globe. And yes, it’s a play on Diet Prada, but instead of cancelling the people, it celebrates them, and has since grown into a much needed resource for so many within the diaspora, but also to allies. Diet Paratha exists to champion creative excellence free from cultural restraints. Brown people do not need to tie their heritage into what they are doing in western spaces unless they want to. The platform heroes a new wave of overlooked talent with their own stories to tell, as we collectively celebrate each other's efforts and strengthen the fight for inclusion.
From conversion therapy activists to video producers for Doja Cat, here are the South Asian Instagram accounts you should be following right now...

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