Do Colour Correctors Actually Work? R29 Puts Them To The Test

Photo: Courtesy of Jacqueline Kilikita
Just like metallic lips and gemlights, colour correcting is one of the biggest makeup trends on Instagram right now.
Influencers, makeup artists and beauty obsessives alike are stockpiling colour correcting products, from sticks of concealer to full-blown palettes, in the hope that the myriad rainbow tones will mask various skin concerns, such as sun spots, rosacea and dullness to name a few – but getting it right can be no mean feat.
Purple or lavender shades are meant to counteract sallow tones, green is said to blanket redness, peach can potentially cloak blue hues including pigmentation, and yellow adds radiance. Whether you want to apply makeup on top is up to you, but according to the experts, they work better under a little concealer or foundation. But do colour correctors actually do anything or are they just another gimmick?
Ahead, the R29 team give their honest verdict.

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