How To Colour-Correct Like A Pro In 5 Easy Steps

No matter how many times you see it on Instagram or done by beauty vloggers, applying green or rust-coloured concealer to your skin can feel overwhelming. But it's time to give it a go — and here's why: Known as colour-correcting, this technique uses hues from opposite sides of the colour wheel to cancel out unwanted colours on your face. The most common are green (to stamp out redness) and rust (to diffuse undereye circles). Here's our challenge for you: Leave hesitation behind by watching this quick video, because we're breaking down the game-changing technique in five easy steps. Ready? Grab your products and let's get started...
Step 1. Start on clean, hydrated skin. Using a foundation brush, damp sponge, or your ring finger (it delivers the lightest touch), dab your rust-coloured product under your eyes, focusing on any dark circles. Bonus: Now is the time to add any contour under your cheekbones, since you're about to blend everything together.
Step 2. Using your green colour-corrector, dab anywhere you have redness, like around the nose, on your chin, and over any broken capillaries or blemishes.
Step 4. Blend the green into your skin by gently patting it with your ring finger until it disappears into skin. Repeat over your rust colour (and any contour), being sure you use a clean finger and a light touch.
Step 5. Apply concealer under the eye and lightly blend. Apply foundation, if desired.
Step 6. Dust translucent finishing powder over your entire face to set your hard work.