These Are Your Options When You Hate Your New Dye Job

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Entrusting someone with your hair colour requires a leap of faith; hope, even — which every so often, is dashed by a botched colour job. Maybe you requested ashy blonde, but ended up with a brassy yellow that just looks off. Or perhaps you envisioned a medium-brown hue with a touch of caramel, but left the salon with an inky colour that’s anything but warm chocolate. Or, maybe you asked for natural-looking highlights and got skunk-inspired streaks, instead.
Although all colourists ultimately want happy, satisfied clients, there’s always the possibility for human error or a breakdown in communication. But before you lose all hope, consider this: Most colour catastrophes are completely fixable over time.
To help you cope, we consulted three experts in the field who revealed what you can do to fix the most commonplace mishaps. The solution might involve giving your colourist another go (hey, everyone deserves a second chance!), kicking off the correction process with a few at-home products, or simply cutting your losses to find a new colourist for a true redo.
Read on for exactly what to do if you can’t stand your new hair colour.

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