46 Before & After Photos Showing Celebs With Their Natural Hair

For the Hollywood set, trying a new hair look is far from novel. Thanks to extensions, wigs, and skilled colourists, changing up your 'do is easy — and far less damaging than it once was. Don't like it? Dye it back, chop it off, or toss a wig over it. Done and done!
Of course, with celebrity transformations happening left and right, it can be surprising to remember that everything isn't always what it seems. To wit: Katy Perry is a natural blonde, Scarlett Johansson isn’t. And it doesn't stop with colour. We may know Ariana Grande and Kerry Washington best with their hair smooth and shiny, but they both actually have curly locks.
Ahead, we uncover what 18 celebrities look like with their au naturel hair colours or textures. To be clear: We think they look incredible either way — but it's always fun to take a trip down memory lane, right?
Click through the slides ahead to check them out.

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