We Played The Say Anything Challenge With Cassey Ho — & You've Got To See It

YouTuber Cassey Ho is definitely known for her flexibility. If you're looking for proof, take a quick glance at her viral YouTube channel, Blogilates, where Ho's nearly 4 million followers tune in to twist, arch, and bend along with the internationally renowned exercise guru. And when she's not broadcasting her inspiring workouts, Ho also penned a lifestyle book and shares tips for her favourite tasty, cheap meals on the side. We're pretty sure she's the Pilates world's reigning queen of multi-tasking, even while tensing her abs for a casual "apartment-friendly" tutorial.
Since we knew Ho was a pro at balancing a flurry of different poses all at once, Refinery29's Lucie Fink decided to put her to the ultimate reflex test at 2017's VidCon. Cue the Say Anything Challenge — a deceptively simple vocab game in which players take turns blurting out any random word without pausing or hesitating. The price of drawing a mental blank? The chance to flex those facial muscles into hilariously awkward expressions, with a little help from some strategically-placed scotch tape.
Press play above to catch their entire, hilarious game. Is it just us, or do your cheeks feel a little tired, too?

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