9 Tips For Visiting Iceland Without Spending All Your Money

Photographed by Claudia
There aren't many countries close(ish) to the UK that people fancy going on holiday to during the winter. Anywhere that's actually hot is too far away, anywhere that's only mildly warm feels like a disappointment, and anywhere Christmassy (here's looking at you Germany) is bound to be packed to the rafters with tourists drinking overpriced mulled wine from paper cups.
Iceland remains a solid winter holiday destination though. From the glory of the Northern Lights, to the purported wellness properties of the hot springs, to the achingly cool Reykjavik nightlife scene, it's easy to see what's drawing millennials there in droves – despite the fact that it's eye-wateringly expensive. Half a pint is likely to set you back about £7, while a meal for two in an average restaurant is estimated to be around £70.
Obviously, though, you still want to "do" Iceland. But is there a way to visit without spending all your savings? We asked the travellers in our Money Diaries Facebook group, who reckon that yeah, it's doable, but you've got to be aware of a few things first.
Here are their recommendations on how not to blow the budget in Iceland.

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