An Intimate Look At The Realities Of Breastfeeding Mothers (NSFW)

"I really imagined myself as some earth mama that would breastfeed her baby until six months and beyond, I’ll probably always feel guilt that I wasn’t able to do that."
Before photographer Sophie Harris-Taylor had her son, she had what she calls "an idealised but perhaps unrealistic expectation of breastfeeding", thanks in part to the largely generic and uninformative visual representation she found around the subject.
Because of this, she decided to open up the conversation around breastfeeding through the lens of women who've chosen to breastfeed. By showing the range of their experiences, she set out to create something that didn't necessarily advocate for or against breastfeeding but rather presented the process honestly. The result is her new series, Milk.
The resulting portraits and stories from the mums who took part offer an intimate window into one of the human body's most natural functions. They document the complicated feelings these mothers have about breastfeeding: from the highs of the personal connection and bond shared between mother and child to the lows of feeling like a 'bad mother' or being unable to enjoy the process.
At a time when the breast still exists primarily as a site of sexualisation rather than parental nurturing, these portraits offer a radical look into the ways that breastfeeding can change you both physically and mentally. It's a glimpse of a relationship that women are still made to feel they must hide.

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