7 Cycle-Friendly Outfits That Don’t Involve Lycra

Designed by Meg O'Donnell
Of all the lockdown pursuits we've found ourselves sucked into in the past 16 months (don't come near us with sourdough starter or banana bread ever again), cycling is the one we're happy to let stick. If, like us, you've long sworn off two wheels thanks to horror stories and angry drivers, you may have found yourself converted under coronavirus. There has been a boom in weekend cycling over the last two years, with its popularity spiking to 60% in some areas. We may be able to move with a bit more freedom now, but the pandemic has shaken the dust off the idea that cycling isn't worth your time.
Enter the bike. If you were lucky, you bought one before The Great 2020 Shortage (when it became nigh on impossible to find a reasonably priced bike anywhere, online or off) or maybe you already owned one and now had the time to explore your surroundings and fix all the niggling issues you'd experienced on your two-wheeled commute. Either way, more of us are cycling than ever before.
However, while we're chuffed with the freedom our newfound mode of transport gives us – the trick is to get out there and practise! – we have no intention of donning Lycra à la Bradley Wiggins (although we do have a soft spot for Rapha's '70s cycling jerseys).
No, we want cycle-friendly get-ups that won't make us look like we're training for the Tour de France. It's key to remember that not all outfits are suitable for your two-wheeled steed. Our general rule of thumb: always wear a helmet; avoid loose trouser legs (or invest in some ankle straps to keep them from tangling in your chain); get familiar with breathable fabrics (you'll sweat regardless of temperature); stay away from white trousers unless you want some fetching oil stains; and pack a bag that either fits in your basket or sits close to your chest (you won't want it bashing against your knee when you're tackling a steep hill).
Ahead, we've compiled some sweet looks that'll see you hitting the roads in style (and, more importantly, comfort). Click through to find eight cycle-friendly outfits we're donning right now.

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