5 Delicious Gins To Drink On The Last Weekend Of Summer

Photographed by Olivia Santner.
Welcome to the end of a glorious summer. Yes, the world may be in slight disarray but for a few lovely weeks, the sun shone, Mamma Mia 2 came out, football had a really good go at coming home, and plenty of us spent our weekends dancing until dawn with nary a care in the world.
Now, there's just one weekend left before it's time to go back to school, before you have to remember what that thing called sleep is, before you get yourself back in the gym and steel yourself against the cold weather rolling determinedly in.
So make your drink of choice this weekend a discerning one. May we recommend you pour yourself a glass of Britain's ubiquitous summer drink, gin?
As you're now a sophisticated grown-up, no longer drinking supermarket own-brand gin with lemon squash as a mixer, naturally you'd like to start exploring some of the interesting and lesser known brands of gin – and goodness me is there a lot out there.
In order to help you find a good one, we decided to try out a bunch to see if there's something out there we're missing by having the same G&T every time. Turns out there's plenty to pick from. Click through for our faves, and enjoy your last summer weekend.
Disclaimer: We tried all these gins with Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water and a slice of lime.

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