Tried & Tested: The Only Eyeliner That Will Work With Oily Skin

Allow me, if you will, to share a personal crisis that I've been weathering bravely alone for the past several months.
In August last year, my eyeliner was discontinued.
Now, this wasn't posh eyeliner, it was just one of a kind. From CYO and called This Line's A Keeper, it was stocked at Boots where it replaced the Seventeen 48hr Tattoo Me liner. It cost £4.99.
If you have the combination of oily skin and hooded eyes, you'll know my pain. Eyeliner that promises to be 'long-lasting' and '24-hour' will last for about three minutes before turning into a sticky gloop and rubbing off on your upper lid. Even that KVD Tattoo Liner that lasted one girl through a car crash lasted less than an hour on me.
What was good about This Line's A Keeper was that once that liner was on, it was not coming off. You could cry, rub your eyes, sweat and more, and it would stay in place. Until, that is, you used an oil-based cleanser to take it off. It was so good, so irreplaceable, its following so strong that leftover stock is currently selling on eBay for £19.99.
But at some point even the leftover stock will run out and as our beauty editor points out, I have no guarantee that the ones I buy off eBay are legit. And so I went on a quest to find the replacement I never thought existed...
Click through to see how I got on.

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