10 Etsy Jewellers You Need To Know About

Boasting over 1.2 million active shops and £1.1 billion in gross sales in 2013, Etsy isn't just some dinky arts-and-crafts site — not by any stretch of the imagination. Consequently, navigating its inventory can feel overwhelming, even if you know exactly what you want to shop. Take jewellery, for example: Weeding through a seemingly endless number of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can feel like a trip down the rabbit hole.
Of course, it helps to have knowledgable and experienced online shoppers (why, hello there) to walk you through the retailer's best jewellery offerings. Ahead, we're extolling the virtues of ten bookmark-worthy sellers. We're also sharing our favourite pieces — ranging from raw-cut diamond rings to sleek, metal chokers — to shop at each boutique. Go ahead and cross "supporting small businesses" off your to-do list.
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If you're flooded with Insta-envy every time you spot a sweet set of minimal stacking rings or chokers, Nuuk is the new brand to have on your radar. The mother-daughter duo, Paula Paiva and Joana Carvalho, joined forces to launch their contemporary line just over a year ago.
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Nuuk describes its philosophy as "the use of linear and geometric shapes, as well as, delicate and natural materials that create timeless pieces and reflect a concrete state of a modern life and style." The blending of modernity with simplicity means it's easy to integrate into any aesthetic.
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Their designs speak to elegant simplicity. Each piece is handmade in Portugal "with a focus on quality and longevity."
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Midwinter Co.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work with your partner or spouse? Caelen and Samantha Bird are proof it's possible. The married couple from Delaware quit their jobs to focus their energies on Midwinter Co., an independent jewellery and decor brand that's fair trade and eco-friendly.
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"The jewellery we design offers a new, fresh perspective of the raw beauty and character of natural gems," says Samantha Bird. "We use perfectly flawed diamonds, rough uncut gemstones, and high-quality, uniquely styled metals. Every stone is handpicked for color, shape, quality, and beauty."
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As added incentive to shop: 10% of profits are given to carefully selected charities.
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Studio Meg Designs
For minimalist brides-to-be, this is one shop you need to check out. Los Angeles-based designer Megan Bengtson is a self-described "architect by day, artisan by night." It's evident in her modern, wedding-focused rings.
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Bengtson spends her free time designing on a small scale — which makes Etsy an ideal platform to showcase her work.
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In addition to traditional (not to mention budget-friendly) engagement rings, she features subtler, more unique bands, like those shown here. After all, not everyone is into major bling.
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Belle Accessoires
Barbara Romankiewicz's Austria-based Etsy boutique is not only super-affordable (everything is under £20), but innovative, too. Her hand-painted, wooden-bead jewellery features cool colourblocking and a luxe feel — without the luxe price tag.
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Romankiewicz is a freelance graphic and web designer by day, and jewellery aficionado the rest of the time. "Wood, water-based acrylic paint, natural gemstones, brass, and copper are the materials I love to work with," she says.
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"I love simple, minimalist style but also all kind of colours," Romankiewicz adds. Meant for everyday wear, her assortment of necklaces and earrings come in a wide range of colour combinations — our favourites are the ones that contrast brights with pastels.
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The Angry Weather
At first glance, the Angry Weather's jewellery is very much inspired by the elements — featuring cloud-shaped necklaces and lightning bolt studs. The brains (and hands) behind these designs is Canada-based Iveth Morales.
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"I find inspiration in nature: mountains, forests, deserts, the weather, the universe; also in homey objects, the idea of a refuge for the mind and body, childhood memories, my husband, daughter, illustration, and photography," says Morales.
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Simple but beautiful, this stacking ring holds special meaning for Morales.

"In Mexico, there's an old saying: 'Every grain of sand counts,'" she explains. "It's used to say that every act of kindness is important — no matter how small it is — because when you put all those 'grains of sand' together, they form something big, something wonderful. This is what this ring reminds me of every time I wear it."
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Enzo Luccati
The NYC-based jewellery line Enzo Luccati specialises in raw diamond engagement rings that cater to young couples on a budget.
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In an effort to have every piece look as organic is possible, the designer seeks out diamonds and other gemstones in their rawest form, as well as recycled silver whenever possible.
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Conventional jewellery — with pristine-looking gems — isn't for everyone. For those with a strong connection to nature, an imperfect tourmaline with its rough edges may have an even greater appeal.
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Therese Kuempel Jewelry
Therese Kuempel is a Chicago-based metalsmith and sculptor. Her designs feature stones like onyx, opal, turquoise, quartz, and druzy — which, paired with uniquely moulded metals, gives wearers an ethereal look.
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According to Kuempel, "There is something inherently satisfying about watching metal melt and seeing wax creations come to metal fruition." We'll take her word for it.
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Read up on the history and symbolism of the stones Kuempel uses in her work — namely onyx, turquoise, and quartz — here.
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Kyla O'Connor's Madison, WI-based jewellery line, Anatomi, has the whole raw-gemstone thing on lock. Here, you can shop a variety of handpicked fossils, geodes, and other unique gems.
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Not only are the sourced stones incredibly unique, the designer also works exclusively with recycled fine gold and silver.
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In addition to relatively simple claw settings (like the one shown here), there are more advanced and complicated filigree styles — which require plenty of metalworking to perfect.
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CONTOURStudio is helmed by Galit Barak; a jewellery designer and master’s student at Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art. Though based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Barak's clean, geometric designs are available to shop internationally — through the convenience of Etsy.
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"I aim to create the right form for an idea, feeling, or material," says Barak on The Etsy Blog. "I like to keep my designs clean, smart, and simple. I believe that good design is very straightforward."
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Barak draws inspiration from her surroundings — "natural rocks and crystals, urban landscapes, architecture and mechanisms," to name a few. "I also work on conceptual art jewellery, where I strive to be innovative, stretch boundaries, and create unfamiliar layouts."
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Datter Industries
Turning her drawing into jewellery, illustrator Kaye Blegvad began Datter Industries in New York City in 2010. At her Etsy shop, you'll find quirky cat studs, watchful eye icons, and protective hand rings — made by hand and finished individually in her studio.
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"I draw my inspiration from all over the place — ancient artifacts, talismans, ritual, the occult, weaponry, and the natural world," says Blegvad.
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If you like symbolic and occult jewellery, Datter Industries is a must-visit.

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