Newsletters To Bring You Good Stuff On Social Media (Without Constant Scrolling)

Designed by Kristine Romano.
It's not just that we're feeling the effects of a year's worth of anxiety and our attention span is shot (although this is true). If you're anything like us, you're probably also feeling the weight of Too Much Stuff. The internet is a wonderful place, with something to appeal to every interest and impulse. Equally, the internet is overwhelming and confusing because there is so much of it. The next writer, next recipe, next idea, next inspiration is always just one more click away.
This is what makes newsletters so appealing. Once the purview of your local neighbourhood watch, the digital newsletter has become the ideal place for people of all kinds to share ideas, recipes, essays or just their favourite things. As a format it is an approachable, digestible and personable way to explore corners of the internet you may have missed while scrolling the day away.
Newsletters bring some of the joy back to inboxes, too. For too long our inboxes have been filled with stress-inducing work emails or promotional offers from that company you bought one pair of socks from in 2016. An unexpected newsletter delivery can feel like a breath of fresh air – a welcome break in the working day and far more interesting reading than another email from HR (sorry HR). It's like rediscovering the wonders of correspondence found in You've Got Mail (only without Joe Fox's creepy manipulation).
Ahead we've listed some of our favourite newsletters for every kind of reader. Whether you're craving travel, searching for a new recipe or just want some really great links to click, there's something here for you.

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