It’s About Time You Wore A Bra That Actually Fits

Wearing the right bra can completely transform your confidence, comfort and posture, yet millions of women (apparently 80% of us) are wearing the wrong size or fit every day. In fact, a few mornings ago the underwire popped out of my most beloved bra (by 'beloved' I mean well-worn and to be honest it's a hideous, shapeless, faded, cheap old thing from H&M), but here I am still wearing it, ignoring the daily discomfort.
Many of us wear bras daily so why are we loathe to invest the time and money to find some that will not only make us look better but – more importantly – feel better.
Whether you add one new set to your lingerie collection or empty out your entire underwear drawer and start from scratch, take inspiration from these pretty little things ahead...