Mum Blazers: You Know You Want One

What exactly is a mum blazer we hear you cry! It is of course, a blazer, casually worn as outerwear, most likely with some light-wash jeans and loafers in a non-ironic way, and never as part of a suit (even if it came as one). Yes, that's right, it's time to unleash that tiny little karate-kicking '80s Tom Cruise that lies within you and embrace the powerful combo that is a mum blazer and jeans.
Ok, so maybe it ought to be a little more Cindy Crawford than Tom Cruise but it's still the same principle; masculine, boxy, a muted colour, double points for double-breasted and almost always worn with a white T-shirt for ideal mum-on-duty chic. Bella Hadid is onto it and Rihanna likes to wear hers as a dress.
What's the appeal? It's the perfect blend of TheWolf Of Wall Street yuppie meets Julia Roberts' early '90s airport swag. Wear yours with a merlot lipstick, gold hoops and box-fresh trainers for a modern take on the look – just don't forget to pick up the kids from school.