Beginner Gym Moves That Are Actually Fun

Hitting the gym when you're new to working out or after a long break is the best — and the worst. On one hand, moving your body feels amazing, and it's always exciting to kick off a new habit. But on the other, figuring out how to use confusing exercise equipment or pretzel yourself into the correct form can seem intimidating.
The right fitness plan, however, can give you a boost of confidence during the first few days or weeks of a new workout regimen. The key: sticking to moves that will lay the foundation for your future gym adventures. You're looking for exercises that are easy enough that you don't feel embarrassed or overwhelmed testing them, but are functional enough to help you build real strength. To help you get off to a solid start, we asked two trainers to share their favourite beginner workout moves for the gym.
These movements will hit several large muscle groups at once to quickly improve your posture, strength, and energy levels. They also offer up a starting point for more complicated exercises, so you'll be able to build on the plan as you get stronger.
You can do all these moves together as one workout, or start with your favourite four and work your way up to all eight.
Our trainers: Joey Foley, the cofounder of Punch Pedal House in New York City and a former D1 Football player; Heather Stevens, a master instructor at Studio Three, an interval-cycle-yoga studio in Chicago

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