15 Backless Pieces For When Temperatures Get Hot

When it comes to showing off what our mommas gave us, it can feel like a specific set of body parts are shoved down our throats. Whether it be our midriff, our legs, our arms, our butt, the answer is all the same: been there, shown that. And though we should all feel free to give a little extra attention to whatever area we damn please, we're also more than ready to give our bandage dresses a break and find something new to focus on. For a refreshing change, it's time to consider our other backside. Just a few inches above the booty is a spot that's remained unclaimed since the halter top's demise.
There's a subtle sexiness to an exposed back, whether you choose to go full-on fabric-less or opt for a slight peek-a-boo. So, click on to find an outfit you can happily flaunt — and if you're wondering just what to wear underneath, well, we've got you covered.

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