6 Stylish Older Couples On Finding Love & Staying Together Forever

Photo: Ari Seth Cohen
Ari Seth Cohen's blog-turned-book-turned-film Advanced Style is an ode to the wardrobes, wisdom and magic of older people, and has introduced us to sartorially fabulous women like Iris Apfel and Tziporah Salamon. Now, the author and photographer has turned his lens on older couples in Advanced Love. With 40 profiles and over 200 photos, it's a heartwarming celebration of new and old romances, brimming with advice, tales of meet-cutes and lessons in love.
"I wanted to do a project that would have an even more profound effect on the way we view ageing and to share a deeper look into the lives, insight and wisdom of my subjects," Cohen told Refinery29. "The world can definitely use a little more love right now!" The images in the book form a diverse representation of love: there are same-sex couples, couples from opposite sides of the Earth, couples who have been together for decades (the longest for over 80 years), and couples who found love later in life (Evita Stewart was widowed in her 90s and found a new love at 94).
What did Cohen learn from the people who shared their romance with him? "The couple I most related to was Mort and Ginny. They were really the inspiration for Advanced Love. I had just gotten into a small tiff with my partner before heading to San Francisco to photograph Mort and Ginny for my last book. Hearing how they navigated their 'magical mystery tour' for over 50 years, never allowing themselves to be angry for more than five minutes, and seeing how they have collaborated and supported one another's creative expression for decades made me realise how grateful I am for my own partner. I came home with a renewed sense of commitment and wanted to share Mort and Ginny's story with others."
Ahead, read the love stories of six couples from Cohen's book, all of whom can teach us something in the art of compassion, patience and compromise.